Is Your Insurance Provider Denying or Low-Balling Your HARVEY CLAIM?

Don’t let your insurance company put their profits before your losses. You need and deserve the coverage you’ve been paying for. We can help you receive the maximum for Hurricane Harvey damage claims.

Most home and business owners have been paying insurance companies under the belief that in case of a natural disaster, they will be covered. But for some, things have not turned out the way they expected. During this post-Harvey recovery period, these residential and commercial property owners have come to realize that the insurance companies they had put so much faith in aren’t treating them fairly.

We know what you are going through. We understand your disappointment and we also understand the challenges you face while rebuilding your life after this catastrophe. We promise you that we will not let any insurance company take advantage of you or your family members and we will not allow them to delay, underpay or deny your legitimate claims. For years, we’ve worked hard to fight for the rights of Texans and we won’t stop until you get the maximum use from your insurance policies.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Up until Hurricane Harvey, you may have still believed that your business was as important to your insurance company as it is to you, but often, the reality is that these companies care more about minimizing their financial losses rather than worry about your interests. Also, because the hurricane has affected so many businesses, you are clearly not the only one they have to deal with. Adding to all this is the fact that most business policies have million-dollar policies, which is why it sometimes behooves an insurance company to drag their heels or unfairly deny claims. But you don’t have to play these games. Let us help you recover the money that you deserve quickly and efficiently.

The Claims Process

In order to help us help you, you must file a claim with your insurance company and:

  • Document everything including the names, designation and contact information of anyone you speak to.
  • Note down any information or advice provided by the insurance company.
  • Record the responsiveness of your insurance company with respect to your claims and inquiries and note any delays.
  • Keep this document updated and submit it to your insurance company regularly, so that each of you have a written record in case there are issues in the future.
  • Set a reasonable deadline and clearly communicate to the insurance company that you expect them to meet it. Don’t be afraid to push the company to keep everything on track.
  • Submit in writing your current financial situation and the challenges you face because of the damage and loss you have incurred.
  • Have your contractor present when the insurance adjuster comes to inspect your property and make sure that nothing is missed and all damages are recorded.
  • Document all damage and loss through images and videos whenever possible and include any debris and damage that may have started to clear away.
  • Do not start any repairs until your property has been inspected by the insurance adjuster except for temporary repairs such as covering the roof etc.

If your insurance company does not approve the amount you have claimed, you should know that you have other options. You can hire your own appraiser and initiate an appraisal process. You could also hire a public adjuster for an unbiased damage report. However, you will be responsible for the services fees for their help, and you may still need to file a lawsuit to resolve the issue.

Handling Your Home Insurance Claims

We know you already have a lot to deal with. Let us help you with your insurance claims. Whether it’s wind damage, flood damage, wind and flood damage, or flood damage caused by reservoir water releases, we can handle your claim.

We will help you fight any unfair decisions regarding compensation for:

  • External damage to your home
  • Internal damage to your home
  • Loss of personal property
  • Expenses incurred during evacuation and home repair

Don’t worry about determining how much damage was caused by the storm or the flooding. Let us help you take care of all that. Insurance companies are looking for any little mistake to delay your claims, and they know when disaster strikes, mistakes are likely.

We can help you get back to business. It is our commitment to help business owners with legitimate insurance claims to get the money they need to do the necessary repairs. Let us help you get payments to cover financial losses due to:

  • Damage to your home, office property or building
  • Damage to your roof, doors, windows, and sides
  • Damage due to fire
  • Loss of inventory and stock
  • Loss of business property
  • Loss of livestock and crops
  • Loss of profits
  • Water damage
  • Wind damage
  • Flood damage
  • Structural damage
  • Other catastrophic destruction

You Deserve a Fair Settlement

Don’t worry about determining how much damage was caused by the storm or the flooding. Let us help you take care of all that. Insurance companies are looking for any little mistake to delay your claims, and they know when disaster strikes, mistakes are likely.

We know the games that insurance companies play to avoid damaging their profit margins, and we know how to get you the money you deserve. Before you hire an appraiser or an adjuster, contact us so that we can help you determine how best you should proceed. Our team of property insurance litigators can help you –

  • Properly and thoroughly analyze your losses
  • Prioritize what needs done to help you start your recovery
  • Evaluate the potential sources of recovery for your specific situation
  • Assess and plan for temporary and permanent repair options
  • Collect and complete all necessary documentation
  • Negotiate with your insurance company to get you the biggest recovery possible
  • Aggressively defend you from low-ball payments, unfair denials, and unrealistic payment delays to ensure you get the maximum recovery allowed by law.

We have been fighting for the rights of property owners for decades and we stand ready to fight for you. Contact us now to see how we can help you recover damages and losses from Hurricane Harvey.