Oklahoma Homeowner Earthquake Damage

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Fracking Earthquakes Are Causing Damage To Oklahoma Property Owners

Homes near fracking zones are buckling, splitting, sinking, and cracking as the rate of induced earthquakes spikes to more than 600 times the historical average causing:

  • Broken or cracked interior walls
  • Broken or cracked exterior walls
  • Damaged bricks, mortar joints and fascia
  • Movement or cracking of the foundation
  • Cabinets separating from walls
  • Damaged doors and door casing
  • Damage to door and window trim
  • Cracked drywall
If your property has been damaged due to fracking in Oklahoma contact us now.

You may be entitled to financial compensation

Fracking Earthquake Lawsuits

Energy companies that engage in hydraulic fracturing and underground disposal of fracking waste are allegedly causing more than a *300-fold increase in the number of earthquakes occurring throughout Oklahoma. In fact, more than 700 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater rocked Oklahoma in 2015. These earthquakes are causing homeowners across the state to suffer severe damage to their homes and structures.

We allege that these energy companies knew or should have known about the significant dangers of high-pressure injection of drilling waste into disposal wells located near seismic fault lines around residential or populated areas, yet these energy companies continue to operate in a manner that presents an ongoing threat to property owners across Oklahoma. Contact us now to learn if you have a claim.

Source: ibtimes

As Oklahoma homeowners and businesses continue to suffer degradation of property values, energy companies continue to inject drilling waste into the Earth for a profit.

Oklahoma Homeowners Lawsuits

Lawsuits are currently being filed across Oklahoma on behalf of property owners and business owners who allege that these fracking companies failed to warn the public about the increased threat of earthquakes associated with injected drilling waste into the surface of the Earth, breached their duty to public care, and continue this ultra-hazardous activity despite being aware of the dangers it poses to surrounding businesses, homes, and their inhabitants.

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You may be entitled to compensation for damages to your home.