Bumbo Baby Seat Recall & Baby Seat Litigation

Bumbo Baby Seats

More than 4 million defective baby seats manufactured by Bumbo International Trust have been recalled as a result of at least 50 reports of baby head injuries. The CPSC reports that 19 injuries reported were skull fractures. The baby seats were designed to assist infants in sitting upright position before they can do so on their own. The Bumbo seats are sold by Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Sears, USA Babies and many more.

Infants ages 3 to 10 months old are the most likely to be affected by the baby seats because of their tendency to unexpectedly rock or lean in their seats. People are urged to discontinue use of the Bumbo baby seats until properly fastened with the seat belt kit Bumbo has offered as a result of the baby seat recall. The kit also provides a warning sticker for parents, which notes that the baby seat is recommended for use only on the floor since most of the injuries have occurred on elevated surfaces where injury is more likely to occur.

The latest recall affects seats that were purchased from August 2003 up until August 2012.  View our press release regarding the Bumbo baby seat recall cases.

The Pulaski & Law Firm law firm represents over 20 families of children who have experienced skull fractures after falling out of the Bumbo baby seat. Our Bumbo personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience to deal with companies like Bumbo International that are located outside the U.S.

If your child or a child you know has been injured by falling out of a Bumbo baby seat, contact the product liability lawyers of Pulaski & Law Firm at 800-223-3784.