Did You Receive Contaminated Synvisc-One Knee Injections?

Patients who received contaminated Synvisc-One knee injections for arthritis may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

At least 12,380 syringes of Synvisc-One hyaluronic acid gel have microbial contamination, prompting Sanofi Genzyme to initiate an urgent recall. The contaminated Synvisc-One syringes were distributed in 36 states between Oct 25 and Nov 7. Patients who received tainted injections may experience adverse side effects including-

Possible Symptoms of an NTM Infection following a cardiopulmonary include:

  • Knee pain
  • Swelling
  • Heat
  • Redness
  • Fluid buildup around the knee
  • Trouble walking

Patients who experience these adverse events may require hospitalization and treatment, but may not know that they received contaminated injections. If you believe you received a contaminated injection, contact us today, we can help you determine if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

About Synvisc-One Knee Injections

Sanofi-Genzyme, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, received approval by the FDA for Synvisc-One in 2009 to provide relief in patients with arthritic knees. The firm said that a lot of 18,000 syringes were found to be contaminated, but about 12,000 of the syringes had been distributed. The contaminated lot carried the identification number 7RSL021.
Synvisc-One is a lubricating gel which is injected into an affected knee to provide up to six months of pain relief and knee joint shock-absorption. The biotech company has not specified how the syringes were contaminated, but say they were alerted to the issue after receiving a ‘surge’ of adverse event reports.

Protect Your Rights and Seek Justice Now

If you or a loved one received Synvisc-One knee injections and are suffering with pain, swelling, fluid buildup and are having trouble walking, we urge you to contact us today. We know that most patients are not given information pertaining to syringe lot numbers, and that many patients may have no idea that the side effects they are experiencing could be linked to contaminated injections. We can find out if you received a tainted injection and help you understand your legal rights, so you can seek justice for your injuries and receive the compensation you deserve.

We fight for the rights of patients harmed by the medications and devices that are supposed to help. We believe that drug and device makers must be held accountable for injuries caused by their products, and we will fight to ensure that patients who are harmed by medical products receive the justice they need and deserve. Don’t wait, contact us now to learn more about what we can do for you.