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We have been actively involved in insurance litigation for some of the largest disasters over the past ten years and we have seen about everything an insurer may do to protect itself.
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Faulty and unreasonably dangerous products can cause serious side effects and injuries.
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For decades Pulaski Kherkher, PLLC has been helping people injured by dangerous drugs and faulty medical devices.

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COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims

Were You Denied Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims? We have fought for decades to ensure business owners get the pay-outs they need and deserve in times of crisis, and we stand ready to help you today. If you filed a Business Interruption Claim due to COVID-19 only to be unfairly denied, we can help.

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Recent medical research has linked Elmiron to an eye disease known as maculopathy – which means that your retina is being damaged. If you developed Maculopathy after taking Elmiron, you could be owed significant monetary compensation.

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JUUL May Increase Risk of Addiction – If You’ve Used JUUL e-Cigarettes You May Be Entitled to Significant Compensation

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Consumers who were diagnosed with Ovarian, Fallopian, or Peritoneal cancer after using baby powder products by Johnson & Johnson, may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

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Roundup Weed Killer

Landscapers and other workers who were exposed to Roundup weed killer and diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma are using our attorneys as their voices because we are battle-tested litigators who have taken on some the largest corporations in the world and they know we won’t back down from Monsanto.

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If you developed cancer after taking the weight loss drug Belviq or Belviq XR, you could be owed significant monetary compensation.

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If you regularly used Zantac® and then developed cancer, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Contact us now to learn whether you are eligible to seek damages.

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Since 1990, we represent clients who have suffered serious injury, death or other damages from dangerous and defective products, medical malpractice, automobile accidents, premises liability, consumer fraud and deceptive business practices and toxic and environmental exposure to dangerous substances.

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We take great pride in our personal approach to the practice of law. By utilizing cutting-edge technology to keep our clients updated with recent case developments, we are able to build and maintain strong relationships with all of our clients. We treat our clients not just as business relationships, but as friends.

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Over the last twenty years, Pulaski Kherkher, PLLC has brought thousands of cases to resolution. Our goal is to treat each client as if he or she were our first and to work diligently to pursue his or her cause of action with all available means granted to us by the courts.

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