Insurance Litigation

When your business is closed and revenue stops, creates a serious situation. You can’t pay your bills, your employees, or even your business insurance. All the while those bills continue to add up. If the situation is prolonged, it can impact your ability to continue operating in the future.

When there are thousands of dollars on the line with your insurance claims, you cannot risk forfeiting your recovery. We have fought for decades to ensure business owners get the pay-outs they need and deserve in times of crisis, and we stand ready to help you today.

Business Interruption Coverage

Business interruption insurance is designed to protect your business in these kinds of situations. You pay into the policy for years with the idea that the insurer will be there when disaster strikes, and you need to file a claim. Disaster can strike in many ways, whether it comes from natural disasters like hurricanes, flooding, or wildfires or from a global health crisis like COVID-19.

The issue with these situations is many insurance providers are using excuses not to pay the claims of their customers when they need it most. Thousands of claims have been denied, leaving businesses to struggle on their own financially when they paid for this protection in scenarios just like this.

The situation may seem hopeless, but you aren’t alone. You may not be able to fight these denied claims by yourself, but you can enlist the legal help of Pulaski Kherkher Law Firm to fight on your behalf. We have been representing clients just like your business for many years from unscrupulous insurance providers.

We understand how much the loss of revenue can impact a business’ ability to go on. Even a few days can create a financial disaster, but weeks or months of not being in operation can lead to bankruptcy and permanent closure. Creditors often don’t understand the situation and they rely on their money, too. They may not be able to extend or delay payments, which leaves you in a dire situation. Your business interruption coverage is supposed to take care of these issues, allow you to continue to pay your bills, and help you get back on your corporate feet.

When a claim is denied, it leaves the business in a precarious position. The company may not qualify for a loan or be able to afford the payments even if they are approved. They may struggle to reopen and even if they are able to continue doing business, it can take weeks or months to make up for the lost revenue or even go back to the level of business they were doing before the disaster.

Get Help for Your Business Loss

If you have been turned down for any of the following claims, we can help:

We will put our years of experience in working with businesses that have suffered losses from natural disasters to work for you. We will fight on your behalf, negotiating with insurance providers for the maximum settlement to help you get back in business. If they fail to work with us to reach a settlement, we are prepared for litigation to protect your rights and get your company the maximum amount of compensation for your loss.