Product Liability & Product Injury Lawyer

Faulty and unreasonably dangerous medical products can cause serious side effects and injuries. Nobody thinks that they will fall victim to defective medicines and the experience can be overwhelming to users. Thankfully, products liability is a well-established area of law designed to protect you. If you have been the victim of defective products with abnormal side effects or design defects, consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your options moving forward.

Here at the Law Offices of Pulaski & Law Firm, L.L.C we have the experience necessary to understand the three main areas involved with products liability.  An experienced product liability attorney knows that these include defects that were created during the manufacture of the product through the use of low-quality materials or poor workmanship.  This is considered a manufacturing defect.  A design defect is the next area of product liability law, and this is where the actual design is either useless or dangerous, without relation to the manufacturing process.  The third area is called “failure to warn” and is where there are design dangers that are not obvious, but that at the same time could be lessened through warnings given to the user. There are laws that are specific to all three of these areas that are regulated by each state.

Because of the three areas of products liability, working with an experienced product liability lawyer is necessary if you or one of your family members has been injured by any kind of product, including a medical product.  It will need to be determined whether there is strict liability related to the design of the product which may offer more risks than it does benefits, or negligence on the part of the manufacturer.

Strict Liability And Negligence

Strict liability focuses on the design of the product. Design defects occur when the product is inherently dangerous or ineffective for its specified purpose. Products that are unsafe or contain risks that outweigh the expected benefits are subject to strict liability. Malpractice lawyers can help you recover compensation for your defective products.

Negligence occurs on behalf of the manufacturers. Negligence includes poor-quality materials and careless workmanship. However, manufacturers are liable under strict liability if the design of the product is defective, even if there was no err in the manufacturing process.

Consumer Protection

Personal injury attorneys have the expertise to protect consumers from unnecessary defects under products liability. Consult a personal injury lawyer if you have been a victim of an unreasonably dangerous drug or product where you did not expect the product to contain the side effects or injuries you have experienced.

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