Were You Shocked by Your Pool Pump/Motor? Thousands at Risk of Swimming Pool Electrocution

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of thousands of swimming pool motors over potential electrocution hazards. Approximately 16,000 swimming pool motors sold between September 2010 and October 2016 could shock swimmers and other pool users.

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Recalled Pool Motor Brands

Variable speed swimming pool motors made by Nidec Motor Corporation are being recalled because the pump control covers may be not grounded properly creating the risk of pool shock.

Swimming pool motors involved in the recall have a programmable user interface on the top of the device. Brands involved include Emerson or EcoTech EZ with model numbers –

  • M63XZBMA-0139
  • M63PWBSC-0229
  • M63PWBMG-0145
  • M63PWBMF-0144
  • M63PWBME-0143
  • M63PWBMD-0142
  • M63PWBMC-0141
  • M63PWBMB-0140
  • M63PWBLW-0136
  • M63PWBLV-0135
  • M63PWBLS-0132
  • M63PWBLR-0131
  • M63PWBLM-0128
  • M63PWBLE-0121

Wholesale and Retail Pool Motors Recalled

These swimming pools motors were sold at wholesale and retail locations including

  • Leslie’s Pool Supplies
  • Pool Corp, (wholesale supply)
  • United Aqua Group
  • Pool Builders Supply
  • Pool & Electrical Products

Stop Using the Pool Motor Immediately

The manufacturer warns that consumers who have Emerson or EcoTech EZ variable speed pool motors that are included in the recall should stop using them immediately. Users should contact Nidec Motor Corp to schedule the repair which involves installing an external ground lead to the device.

Users can determine if their swimming pool motors are involved in the recall by identifying the model number listed on a plate on the side of the pump.

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