Destroyed infrastructure from hurricane

21 Jan 2018

Helping Hurricane Irma Victims Get the Insurance Payouts They Deserve

After Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida, what residents needed more than anything was for their insurance providers to come through with payouts, so they could repair, rebuild, and get back to their normal lives. Yet, too many insurance providers unfairly deny legitimate damage claims, delay policyholder claims for no reason, or shortchange payouts, leaving policyholders with too little to repair or replace their home and assets.

Florida Water and Flood Damage Claims

Damage caused by flood waters, excessive rain, and storm surge can be extremely destructive. Yet, getting insurance payouts for this damage can be extremely difficult, even though it shouldn’t be. When damage is caused by rising waters, it should be covered under the homeowner’s flood policy. When damage is caused by water leaks, or rain coming in a hole in the roof, for example, or busted out windows, the insurance policy should cover the damage. When insurance providers reject or delay legitimate storm damage claims they not only harm the policyholders, but in cases of natural disasters, they harm the rebuilding efforts of affected communities.

When Insurance Providers Don’t Cooperate

No insurance company should pay more attention to their bottom lines than the needs of their policyholders. Yet, they know that by making the claims process more difficult than it needs to be may cause policyholders to take whatever sum is offered, even if it is less than what was expected, or even cause them to give up all together. If your insurance provider has denied your legitimate claim, delayed your claim for no reason, short-changed your claim leaving you with too little to repair or rebuild, demanded unnecessary documents and information to discourage you, or pressured you to repair damage instead of replacing it, we can help. We will help you fight for your right to the compensation you have paid for, and ensure you get the full amount of insurance payouts that you are entitled to.

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