Destroyed houses and establishments

02 Feb 2018

Fighting for the Rights of Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico

Home and business owners across Puerto Rico are discovering that insurance providers may be making the damage claims process more difficult than it needs to be. Insurance providers are notorious for delaying legitimate claims by requiring unnecessary documentation and information, or even unfairly denying claims for no apparent reason. Some may even pressure their policyholders to repair damage instead of replacing it and sending payouts that are less than expected and that may not even be large enough to repair or replace your assets.

You Have Legal Options

If your insurance provider is playing games with your damage claim, know that an attorney can fight for your rights, protect your interests during the appraisal process, and work with adjusters and appraisers to develop unbiased damage reports that accurately reflect the amount of damage sustained. An attorney can also negotiate with the insurance provider on behalf, and if necessary, file a lawsuit to ensure you get the insurance payouts that you paid for.

We Can Help

In fact, we can help you file your claims correctly and within the established time limits, as well as ensure that Puerto Rico’s fair claims adjustment laws are followed. Puerto Rico Insurance Code, 26 L.P.R.A. §2716a makes it illegal for insurers to play games with your claims, including by unjustly denying, delaying, or short-changing your claims. If your insurance provider is taking advantage of you and not fairly paying your Hurricane Maria claims, contact us now. We will make sure your rights are protected and that you get the payouts you are entitled to.

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