06 Sep 2012

The Controversy of the Depuy Hip Recall

Johnson & Johnson has long since been established as one of the respected major companies in the health industry. However, not all endeavors by Johnson & Johnson have been successes. In fact, there have been disastrous results due to miscues by the company. This is most recently evidenced by the recall of ASR hip systems by the Depuy Orthopedics unit of the company navigate to this web-site.

A Recall Has Been Issued

Specifically, Johnson & Johnson has issued a voluntary Depuy hip recall and this has certainly caused somewhat of a panic among those that underwent hip replacement surgery involving this hip device. This is why so many are looking to retain the services of a Depuy hip recall lawyer. Recalls are not issued flippantly or without careful deliberation. A great deal of pain and suffering can result from a botched hip replacement. Seeking legal remedy does not only address the issue of pain and suffering, it can also cover costs associated with further medical care.

A Look at the History of the Controversy

Depuy had been promoting the ASR XL Acetabular System and the Depuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System as being revolutionary products capable of forever changing hip replacement surgery. It was stated that the most impactful change would be the need for nothing but a minor incision to perform the actual surgery. While such claims were definitely eye opening, the end result was not what was expected. In truth, Depuy was so displeased was very displeased with the results. In 2010, Depuy has decided to take all ASR hip replacements out of their inventory.

However, this does not solve any of the problems for those that have already suffered from the ramifications of the surgery.

The First Surgery May Not Have Worked Well

The prime reason that a Depuy hip recall is being initiated is because many of the people that underwent the hip replacement surgery with ASR hip systems had to undergo a second surgery to correct any problems or flaw with the initial surgery. It should go without saying that a great deal of pain and suffering can result in the aftermath of a disastrous hip replacement surgery.

Contacting a Lawyer

Anyone that has undergone a botched hip replacement surgery related to Depuy should contact a Depuy hip recall lawyer at Pulaski & Law Firm. Our lawyers have the proper experience and insight required to properly litigate such a case. With the right attorney, you can potentially achieve the desired outcome from the legal proceedings you initiate.