04 Sep 2012

R3 Acetabular Hip Device: Side Effects & Litigation

Before the invention of the artificial hip, hip patients were rendered immobile, unable to move once their hip had stopped functioning. Devices that enabled hip Spit-out patients to get back on their feet seemed like a dream wholesale mlb jerseys come true. Soon the procedure became routine, and many people have been scuola able to resume their normal lives because they have had hip replacements.

At first, hip replacements were made from ceramic or plastic. Later, however, metal-on-metal came to be seen as longer-lasting wholesale nfl jerseys and thus better for the patient. The R3 Acetabular Hip Device System from Smith and Nephew represents this second kind of technology. However, what began as a dream has become nightmarish for some, as the R3 system may produce dangerous side effects.

What first flagged this R3 Acetabular Hip Device System as causing problems was the finding that patients fitted with this hip medical device reported many more problems than those using competing devices. In fact, Side more than half of these patients – 60% — went back into the hospital because of R3 hip replacement surgery complications.

Let’s take a wholesale nfl jerseys closer look at those side effects. Fractures, sharp pain, and a decrease in calcium levels have Tort all been reported, but what may be of greatest concern is the possibility of metal detaching from the device and making its way into the patient’s bloodstream. In the case of this hip medical device, doctors are reporting a risk of metal poisoning, an extremely dangerous condition. With cobalt poisoning, for example, the patient may suffer nerve damage, increased thickness of the blood, and a heart condition called cardiomyopathy. Thyroid problems can also manifest themselves as the result of R3 hip for replacement surgery complications.

If you or a loved one were fitted with the R3 Acetabular Hip Device, Ferreira the possibility exists that you may soon suffer or may already be suffering from one or Methods more of these medical complications. The product liability attorneys at Pulaski & Law Firm are here to assist you if this is the case. Because they specialize in recovering damages for patients who have been injured as a result of medical treatment, they have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, and they are well-versed in courtroom procedure and jury selection. The decision to pursue legal action should not be made lightly; if you choose this course, however, Pulaski & Law Firm will ensure you receive the justice and respect that you deserve.