15 Nov 2012

Yaz Lawsuits and Class Action Cases Continue to be Filed

Drosperinone and Ethinyl Estradiol, a drug also known as Yasmin and nicknamed Yaz, is a pregnancy-preventing low dose oral contraceptive that is manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. In addition to its value as a birth control drug, Yaz is also approved for the treatment of mild acne symptoms.

One of the most dangerous possible side effects of Yaz is increased blood clotting–mainly in the arms and legs. A study actually showed that that women who use Yaz had a 75 percent greater chance of this type of clotting than those women who used other, but similar, birth control pills. Yaz contains the progestin drosperinone, which can cause elevated potassium levels. These increased potassium levels can create a condition known as hyperkalemia. Severe hyperkalemia can be fatal. Additional serious side effects of Yaz are blood clots, pulmonary embolism, stroke, and death.

The numbers of filed Yaz lawsuits is increasing as the side effects of Yaz become more common. In 2002, a British Medical Journal noted over 40 cases of deep vein thrombosis connected with the use of Yaz, and since that time, many Yaz lawyers have filed lawsuits related to the use of this drug.

In December 2008, the FDA mandated that warnings on Yaz labels must be strengthened. The black-box warning, the most serious of FDA warning labels, is now clearly visible on all Yasmin packaging. Women have also been cautioned about the use of Yaz in conjunction with tobacco.

The FDA recently directed specific warnings about Yaz to Bayer Pharmaceuticals. The agency said that television ads were false and misleading. The FDA also mentioned that Bayer tended to overstate the drug’s effectiveness, while minimizing the risks associated with Yaz. In response, Bayer actually started a corrective advertising campaign to address these issues.

Women who have had problems directly related to the use of Yaz should not hesitate to contact a Yaz lawyer for more information. The significant problems of hyperkalemia and deep vein thrombosis are serious. If these conditions were caused by the use of Yaz, compensation may certainly be available.

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