28 Sep 2012

Side Effects of GranuFlo Concentrate Spark Lawsuits

Side Effects of Naturalyte GranuFlo Concentrate Spark Lawsuits

Undergoing hemodialysis is an unpleasant experience in itself, but many people unfortunately have had to endure the complication of chronic or acute renal failure while on hemodialysis. In an effort to treat renal failure, many medical professionals provided their dialysis patients with either the liquid or powder form of Naturalyte GranuFlo Concentrate over the last several years. These concentrated formulas are typically administered through a dialysis machine along with bicarbonate and acid concentrates. While the intention of this concentrate was to promote renal health, many patients experienced adverse side effects of Naturalyte GranuFlo Concentrate that resulted in pain, suffering and even death in some cases.

Possible Side Effects and Complications

This concentrate is made by several companies, but the largest producer of it is Fresenius Medical Care. Unfortunately, it has been documented that the company was aware of Fresenius Liquid Acid Concentrates side effects, and it failed to educate and inform doctors about these side effects and to provide them with proper dosage instructions. Without this information, many patients have experienced side effects and complications such as cardiac arrhythmia, heart attack, metabolic alkalosis, hypoxemia and other serious issues. In some cases, patients have died as a result of the administration of Naturalyte GranuFlo Concentrate.

If You Have Experienced Side Effects

Many of the side effects and complications associated with the use of this concentrate are serious, and they can be fatal. If you or a loved one has been affected by these side effects, you should seek the legal advice of personal injury lawyers who have experience in Naturalyte GranuFlo Concentrate cases. These side effects and complications can result in loss of income, unnecessary pain and suffering, emotional distress, medical bills and more. You may receive financial compensation for these effects if your case is brought to light in a court of law.

It is estimated that over 400,000 patients have received Naturalyte GranuFlo Concentrate while on dialysis. If you are included in this group and have experienced side effects, or if a family member has been affected by this concentrate, contact a personal injury lawyer today. Through an initial consultation, you can learn more about your legal rights and your ability to receive financial compensation. This process can also help you to learn if you received a concentrate made by this manufacturer or by another manufacturer. Financial compensation from a personal injury lawsuit can ease the stress associated with the financial burden you may now be under due to medical bills and other related expenses.  Find out more from our experienced GranuFlo lawyers today.