Texas Power Grid Disaster Lawsuit

If you suffered injury, property damage, or if your loved one died due to the Texas Power Grid Failure, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

Texas Power Failure Linked to Serious Injuries and Death

The Texas Power Grid generation, transmission, and distribution system collapsed, leaving millions without power or warmth during one of the worst winter storms in history. Because of the power grid failure, Texans suffered residential and commercial property damage, severe injuries, and many even suffered wrongful death.

Dozens of victims perished during the storms, including some who died from hypothermia due to suffering in dangerously low temperatures for days as the state struggled to get the power back on. Victims of the disaster are filing injury claims for injuries including but not limited to those caused by not being able to use necessary medical equipment at home, hospitalizations due to the frigid temperatures inside their homes, and wrongful death caused by loss of power and water during the power grid disaster.

Texas Power Failure Causes Residential and Commercial Damage

Texas residents and businesses say they suffered immensely during the winter storm and should be left holding the bill for damages caused by the gross negligence of others. Businesses and homeowners may be entitled to compensation for damages sustained during the Texas Power Grid Failure, including for things such as the costs to repair broken water pipes, costs for hotels or other shelter you were forced to seek out, higher than normal electric bills, any food or supplies that were lost due to the power outage, and water damage sustained to your home or business.

Businesses Forced to Ceased Operations due to the Texas Power Grid Disaster

Business interruption claims cover business losses when a business is forced to cease operations. It allows the business owner to recover the losses incurred when the business must close due situations such as a natural disaster or state crisis. Business owners could be entitled to claim damages for business interruption if they had to stop operations due to physical damage caused by the Texas Power Grid Failure.

We Can Help

Our team of attorneys has extensive experience advising insurance policy holders through every step of the claims process, from analyzing the terms of their policy to submitting claims and disputing insurance companies’ attempts to deny coverage. We are here to protect your rights as a business or homeowner and help you collect the damages and claims you are entitled to.

Our team is also seeking maximum compensation from the governing bodies or energy providers that may be responsible for the grid collapse and the gross negligence that led to resident and commercial property damage, business interruption, severe injury, and loss of life. If you or your family members suffered damage, injuries, or lost a loved one due to the freezing conditions you were forced to endure, contact us now. We fight to ensure our clients get the justice they need and the compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses.