08 Nov 2012

Missing IUDs And Perforated Uteruses – Mirena IUD

Personal stories of women who have had nightmare experiences following use of the Mirena Intra-Uterine Device (IUD).

dtwitLearning To Walk Again – The Perfect Storm – The story of a brave woman whose life has been turned upside down following the insertion of the Mirena IUD.

She writes, “I had Mirena (IUD) inserted. Within five months, both of my hips and my right shoulder started to deteriorate from a lack of blood supply (Avascular Necrosis). I saved my left shoulder when I realized the connection and had it removed late in 2011. But it was still too late for the rest of me. Too much damage had been done. ”

Denise goes on to detail the horrific accounts of how the Mirena IUD changed the scope and quality of her life at an age where she would have otherwise enjoyed great health with her family.

You can read about Denise’s story here.