31 Oct 2012

GranuFlo Treatments for Dialysis Patients

Side Effects of GranuFlo Treatments for Dialysis Patients

GranuFlo is a type of treatment for patients who require dialysis. This brand is available in a powder form and is what is known as dialysates, a solution used by doctors to administer hemodialysis treatments to individuals who battle acute or chronic renal failure. Many people who have kidney disease have relied on the GranuFlo products as a means of relief. It is used with a dialyzer and hemodialysis machine to eliminate toxins from the body that the kidneys cannot do on their own. Unfortunately, there are a number of medical problems that have been discovered as a result of the treatment. GranuFlo side effects can be very serious and even life threatening.

The United States Food and Drug Administration determined that the use of GranuFlo for the treatment of dialysis patients can result in greater levels of bicarbonate, which can lead to hemodialysis metabolic alkalosis. Several adverse side effects can develop as a result. One of the first is low blood pressure. Another serious side effect of using GranuFlo is cardiac arrest and heart attack, which can be sudden and without warning.

Generally speaking, there are additional side effects that dialysis patients who have received GranuFlo treatment can experience. In addition to those mentioned above, there are more that relate to the heart. Such problems include arrhythmia, a condition in which the heart suddenly beats at an irregular pace or skips beats. Hemodialysis cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary arrest are also possible side effects the patient may experience. In addition to these heart conditions, other GranuFlo side effects include an altered mental state or confusion, stroke, and death.

Currently, there are class action suits regarding the misuse of GranuFlo and another treatment called NaturaLyte. While these medications are not dangerous alone, they have become deadly due to mistakes made during mixing and administering.  If you or your family member has been affected by the side effects, contact a GranuFlo attorney today or call us at 1-800-BAD-DRUG to learn more about your patient rights!