23 Oct 2012

Byetta Users At Risk of Serious Side Effects

It is estimated that over 25 million people in the United States have diabetes, and many of these individuals have Type 2 diabetes. For many years, doctors prescribed a medication known as Byetta to treat Type 2 diabetes in adults. Byetta medication is typically injected by the patient into the skin, and it works to help the pancreas produce a sufficient amount of insulin for the body’s needs. Furthermore, the medication also works to reduce the speed of the digestive system and promote improved health in Type 2 diabetes patients. Unfortunately, many adults who have been prescribed Byetta have experienced significant complications and side effects.

At this time, Pulaski Kherkher, PLLC will accept representation for those cases wherein you or a loved one:

  • Has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer as a result of using Byetta or Januvia.
  • Suffered from severe Pancreatitis that developed while taking Byetta or Januvia.

Minor and Serious Side Effects of Byetta

If you or a loved one has taken Byetta to treat Type 2 diabetes, it is important to familiarize yourself with the side effects of this drug. While some side effects are relatively minor, others can be serious and even life-threatening. For example, the side effects include weight gain, hives, swelling, shortness of breath, confusion, drowsiness, back and stomach pain and more. Serious complications, however, include the development of pancreatic cancer, necrotizing pancreatitis or acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis. If you take Byetta now and have a history of digestive issues, kidney disease or pancreatitis, you should talk to your doctor about discontinuing the use of this medication immediately. These health issues are a contraindication for Byetta.

Byetta Legal Options

If you have been affected by <a title="Byetta" href="http://1800baddrug our website.com/bad-drugs/byetta-pancreatic-cancer-lawyers/”>Byetta side effects and complications, you should talk to a personal injury lawyer about the options for joining a Byetta class action lawsuit. Careful research and evaluation into FDA records along with the health records of those who have taken this medication have indicated that financial compensation may be available to you. If you are interested in joining the class action lawsuit, you can talk to an attorney who has experience with Byetta cases as a first step. Through an initial consultation with a Byetta lawyer, you can learn more about if you qualify to join the lawsuit, what the legal process entails and what results you may expect.

Whether you have experienced mild or serious side effects from taking this commonly prescribed Type 2 diabetes medication, you may have experienced considerable physical and emotional pain and suffering, unable to earn a living, and additional medical expenses. Through joining a lawsuit, you may receive financial compensation that can ease your stresses, and help you to pay for those medical bills. If you or your family have been affected by these side effects, call 1-800-BAD-DRUG or contact our Byetta lawsuit attorneys to discuss your rights today.